Welcome to YwBakery! My name is Joanne :) 
Baking has been a long standing passion of mine but it wasn't until 2020 when I decided to launch my small business. From macarons, to cookies, to cakes, I've explored the baking world and am so grateful to have built a strong and supportive community along my journey. 
While contemplating career decisions and choosing a path to pursue nursing, I made the difficult decision to close YwBakery's doors and take a break from this chapter of my life. This year I have been inspired to relaunch my baking business and continue to share my creations with my community. 
What better way to celebrate than with cake? Over the years, I have grown OBSESSED with cute vintage cakes all over the internet and immersed myself into the art of cake designing. Whether it be personalized messages or choosing your own design, you can create your perfect cake for a special and intimate celebration. 
Through YwBakery, I hope to be a part of connecting you with your loved ones and creating memories you will cherish forever <3